About ForeverMore,llc
Photograph of Micki Harris

Micki Harris, MBA

I have been an IT trainer since 1998. I have worked for a wide range of organizations from community centers, community colleges, the Colorado Judicial Branch and a large law firm. During these years as an IT trainer, Technology trainer, Instructor - whatever the title may have been, I gained a lot of experience in many different programs, platforms and devices. I’ve created so many Excel spreadsheets, training manuals, and PowerPoint presentations, that I can’t even put a number to it.

I also have experience in classroom training, online delivery, and content development.

I decided to take my knowledge and start my own business and this is it – Forevermore, llc. I focus primarily on Microsoft applications. I love creating Word documents and manuals, putting together a PowerPoint presentation and setting up an Excel workbook.

Why Forevermore? Because there is always something to get done.

For-ev-er-more (fôr ev′ər môr′) For eternity; for always; continually.

A story:
I used to work for a judge, who would pick a theme for the year. This theme is what she would focus her talks and articles around. She called me into her office one day and pointed at a stack of papers and articles. The stack was about a foot high and as I leafed through the printouts and tagged pages of the magazines, I saw her handwritten notes everywhere.

“I want you to create a PowerPoint for me that I can use during my talks,” she stated as a matter of fact.

“Do you have a summary or outline?” was my response.

She just pointed at the stack. You don’t question a judge. I took the stack of papers and headed out. Once I wrapped my head around all the information and broke it down into workable pieces, it was the best project I have ever been assigned. I learned so much about her chosen topic and busted out one great PowerPoint.